Xbox one charge and play kit

Xbox One - Charge & Play Kit

Xbox One (S) Dual Charging Dock

XboxONE(S) Dual Charging Dock (Quick Charge) TYX-697

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Product feature:

-Compatible for Xbox One/Xbox One Slim/Xbox One Elite controller
-Replace the old or broken batteries of the controller to provide the power to the controller
- Led indicator light to indicate the charging status of your controller, high battery capacity make the battery more durable
-Battery capacity:1100mAh
-Input Voltage:DC 5V Charging current:1A
-Battery output voltage: DC 3.3V
-Battery bag input:Vmax=3.3V (charging dock input) ,Vmax=5V(Micro USB input)
-Material: High-quality ABS

Packing Included:

1x dual charging dock 

2x rechargable battery(1100mah) 

1x USB charging cable(80cm)

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