Andowl Q-JM01 Cleansing Instrument

Andowl Q-JM01 Cleansing Instrument

60 Pieces - Dual Tip Artist Markers

60 Pieces - Dual Tip Artist Markers

Touch - 48 Pieces - Dual Tip Artist Markers

Sets of really high quality marker pens - Perfect for layouts, sketching, animation, manga. Professional standard.

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48 Exciting colors, great for office stationery, back to school and craft projects. Great, intensely brilliant colors that create vibrant, long lasting impressions. Dual Tip Marker 36 piece set is perfect for fine art techniques, card making, illustrations, sketching, painting, drawing, graphic design, doodling, journaling, perfect for the classroom, office, home and craft projects, etc.


Dual tip double ended, fine and bevel tips.
Fine point allows for sharp lines, flexible tip creates broader, thicker strokes.
Dries quickly, while busy creating your masterpiece.
Bevel tip enables a variety of stroke widths and techniques used for calligraphy and coloring in
a large area.
Versatility makes this a unique product.
Handy design feature lets you quickly switch between precise work and full coverage.
Practical and handy carry bag.

What's in the box:

48 X Coloured Dual Tip Markers
1 X Black Canvas Bag

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