Safy Surge Secure Power Protector

Safy Surge Secure Power Protector

Amplifier Starsound 4Ch Spartan AB Class SSA-SP-9800.4

Amplifier Starsound 4Ch Spartan AB Class SSA-SP-9800.4

Switch 10,000mAh Power Bank DP06

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10000mAh Power Bank

This Portable external battery is a novelty for all kinds of mobile devices, designed for long-term autonomous use when traveling, on a hike, on a trip, in the country, etc.

This original Power Bank, like others, is suitable for charging a huge number of gadgets but has a significant advantage of an incredibly high real capacity of 10000mAh.

This capacity, for example, is enough for 21 iPhone 8 charges or 13 Huawei P10 charges.

This external battery is, in fact, an irreplaceable backup battery that will help you out and keep you connected even during a prolonged power outage.


- Crush-Resistant
- Smart Chip
- Overcurrent Protection
- High-voltage Protection
- Multi-functional
- Fast-Charging
- Safe and Durable


Package Weight: 250g
Package Dimensions: L: 9.8cm, H: 18.4cm, W: 3cm

What's In The Box:

1 x 10000mAh Power Bank
1 x USB Cable

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