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Starsound Rapter Series 6200W Monoblock Amplifier

Starsound Rapter Series 6200W Monoblock Amplifier

Andowl Straight Curly Comb G-M606


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Fast preheating: 30 seconds fast preheating without waiting.

Warm hair care-rapid heating, a constant temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, reducing the damage to the hair due to sudden heat and sudden cold.

Anti-scalding comb teeth design: Smooth comb teeth can effectively reduce hair pulling. The temperature of the outer anti-scalding comb teeth is about 50 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the inner anti-scalding comb teeth is about 200 degrees Celsius.

Adjustable temperature: press +-key to adjust the temperature.

140 degrees Celsius-suitable for damaged hair; 155 degrees Celsius-suitable for soft hair; 170 degrees Celsius-suitable for -medium hair; 185 degrees Celsius-suitable for thick and dense hair; 200 degrees Celsius-suitable for super hard hair.

Dual purpose: Straight and curly dual using.


Product name: Hair straightener comb brush

Type: Straight and curly dual using

Applicable hair: Dry and wet hair

Heat conductor material: ceramics

Conductor diameter: 21mm-30mm

Best modeling time: Less than 1minute

Color: white, black-blue, black-red

Power: 34W

Size: 27030mm (Heightbottom width)

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