Strontium 16GB Nitro Ammo Silver USB3.1 Metal Flash Drive


Strontium 16GB Nitro Ammo Silver USB3.1 Metal Flash Drive

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Strontium AMMO USB 3.1 Flash Drive is a true beauty clad in a robust body with shiny metal finishing, with a high quality key chain included. Represented in its stunning brand name, the Strontium AMMO USB 3.1. Along with the eye-catching and powerful composition, it encompasses the enhanced transfer speed of USB 3.1 interface. This makes the AMMO USB 3.1 the perfect option for quick data transfer and storage.


-It’s modulated with a reading speed of 120MB/s which is massively quick. The Strontium AMMO USB 3.1 thumb drive preserves a decorated space in its platform.
-Strontium AMMO USB 3.1 (gen 1) Drives offer accelerated data transfer beyond expectations, thereby making it to your go-to device and tech companion.
-It is ideal for both, desktops and notebooks as it possesses USB 3.1 (gen 1) connectivity and it is also backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0, so you needn’t worry!
-The AMMO USB 3.1 (gen 1) comes in a range of capacity from 16GB to 128GB which ensures that you never fall short of space.

The AMMO USB 3.1 is extremely convenient to carry and use. Moreover, this standard USB pen drive carries and moves music files, photos, videos and other data with foremost ease.