Strontium 128GB NITRO iDrive Card Reader


Strontium 128GB NITRO iDrive Card Reader

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Strontium 128GB NITRO iDrive Card Reader

Strontium iDrive Card Reader with Lightning can securely store and share digital contents such as movies, pictures, and music between iPhone, iPad and iPod through Strontium NITRO UHS-I (U1) microSD card (Low Power Mode**) optimized for iOS devices.

Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Equipped with lightning connector, it means that data and files can be conveniently downloaded to and from your latest iPhone, iPad and iPod at a extremely fast transfer speed and on-the-go.

Free APP for auto file management and enhanced data security.
Strontium iDrive APP allows for easy file management like copy, delete, move, add text files, lock, copy from library as well as control access to your important files and folders. You can play all popular formats of music and video files from the drive through the Strontium iDrive APP available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod. You can also restore and backup all your essentials like contacts and camera roll, automatically.

1-year warranty for iDrive Card Reader, lifetime warranty for NITRO microSD card

Connections- 8-Pin Lightning
Mobile device compatibility- iPhone, iPad and iPod with Lightning connector and iOS 7.0 and higher


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