Goobay RJ45 10 pack Modular Plug for Round Cables


Goobay RJ45 10 pack Modular Plug for Round Cables

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to crimp onto telephone round cables, unshielded.

Our phone plugs transmit signals in top quality at high speed, always guaranteeing a stable connection. High-quality materials, robust housings and precisely fitting contacts distinguish out portfolio of modular plugs. Goobay always provides the perfect products for your network needs. Simply. All. You need!

-Unshielded 8P8C plug for mounting on round telephone cables
-For assembling a round cables or replacing a defective RJ45 plug by crimping
-For connecting a telephone to a connection box
-Network plug with a latch lug and gold-plated contacts guarantees an excellent, powerful connection.
-High-quality, robust plastic housing for a long durability.
-RJ45 connector with 8-pin assignment for a perfect connection
-Plug for phone cables works with a wide range of crimping tools and pliers.

Technical specifications

Connection, type: RJ45 male (8P8C)

AWG: 26-24
Cable sheath diameter (approx.): 5.4 mm

Color: transparent
Packaging type: Bulk
Dimensions / Weight
Consumption Unit: 10 pcs. in polybag


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