COB LED Light Switch


Provide light to rooms or spaces lacking illumination

  • Description

    This ultra bright light switch can be mounted to most surfaces so that you can provide a flood of light to spaces lacking illumination, such as certain rooms, cabinets, nooks, or crannies, or your garage.  Just peel the backing off the mounting stickers (also features an indentation for hook mounting, and some magnets for mounting on metal surfaces), place it wherever light is needed, and flip the switch, two surface mount light strips inside the light switch will provide you with a blast of super-bright illumination – don’t look directly at the strips! Surface mount light strips provide even stronger light than LEDs.

    Light switch with 2 built-in surface mount technology light strips
    Provide light to rooms or spaces lacking illumination
    SMT light strips are ultra-bright, more powerful than LEDs
    3 options for mounting: stickers, magnets, hook
    Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included)

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