Armaggeddon AK-666 Kalashnikov Membrane Gaming Keyboard


Armaggeddon AK-666 Kalashnikov Membrane Gaming Keyboard

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-Spill Proof Gaming Keyboard
-8 Different Backlight Effects and Colours in One Keyboard
-Adjustable up to 8 Different Backlight Effects
-High-Profile TACTKEYS Provide More Feedback Than Ordinary Membrane Keyboard
-Lifespan Up to 10 Million Keystrokes
-Custom Laser Keycap Lettering for Longer Durability and Added Resistance to Scratches and Fading
-Anti-Ghosting Gaming Cluster (25-Keys including WASD and Arrow Keys)
-Gaming Mode Deactivate Windows Key (FN + Windows Key)

-Multimedia Spill Proof TACTKEY Membrane Gaming Keyboard
-104 TACTKEY With More than 10,000,000 Key Strokes
-11 Shortcut Keys (Press FN + F1-F10 and F12)
-8 Backlight Effects
-1.65M Ultra-Durable Cord
-USB Jack
-Gaming Cluster with Anti-Ghosting Capability
-Keyboard Size (L x W x H): 450 x 151 x 34mm


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