Wireless Window Alarm

Wireless Window Alarm

Solar Sound and Light Alarm Lamp

Solar Sound and Light Alarm Lamp

Electronic Guest-Saluting Wireless Doorbell AK-01

The AK-01 alarm contains an infrared motion sensor with a range of 60 degrees and electronics performing the range notification.

The infrared motion sensor (PIR) responds to infrared rays -

for example body heat when entering the area of action

Mode I- notification when switching- music melody, can be select 36 melodies with a volume change button

Mode II - off

Mode III - incoming notification when passing - greeting Detector range 3-7m (60º) Battery - AAA 3x1.5V Sound > 60db

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1. Apply the function of automatic light sensitivity. Easy usage, energy saving, and high sensitivity make it meet the need of marker more and closer to consumers lives.

Its suitable for the dwelling houses, shop, offices, factories and so on. It not only brings you convenience, but also give you the unexpected happiness and safety.
2. Powered by 3 x AA1.5V batteries(not included)
3. Light control distance is 3-7m
4. Size Approx: 8.2 x 4.5 x 8.2cm
5. Weight Approx: 88.4g



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