Mini Flexiable Tripod

Mini Flexiable Tripod

Ceuta Tripod Oct

Ceuta Tripod Oct for Camera, DSLR and Smartphones with Universal Mobile Attachment.
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2 In 1 Set: Whether you want to record with a Smartphone, iPhone, Gopro or DSLR camera, weve got you covered. This flexible tripod comes with phone holder and gopro tripod mount.

Durable: Dont you just hate it when you buy something new and it breaks almost instantly? This wont happen to you with The Bontend Flexible Tripod. Made from high quality materials, it wont let you down.

Impresive Results: If you like to take photos that can take anyones breath away or record high-quality videos for work or for fun, you would be extremely happy with this product. It lets you adjust the angle for jaw-dropping effect.

Reliable Seller: Buying from a market place makes life easier, except when it makes it more difficult. We are devoted to providing you high quality products and excellent customer service. Purchase your flexible tripod from a reliable seller with excellent reviews.

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