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FOYU  FO-R903 BT Gamepad

FOYU FO-R903 BT Gamepad

7-in-1 Arcade Fighting Stick

Dobe - Arcade Fighting Stick for PS3/PS4/Switch/X-box 360/X-box-One/PC/Android

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-High-precision rocker, spherical metal rocker, square baffle, smooth operation, high precision, skill, and skill.
-360° adjusts at will, the operation is sensitive, smooth, and durable, come and go freely.
-Solid resistance, long service life, satisfying game addiction anytime, anywhere
-The stable large suction cup, four-direction suction cup, adapt to the desktop, stability, experience intense game, improve the sense of experience.
-The dream of a child was to buy a game console to go home.
- However, when we are really grown-up, there are fewer and fewer arcade games halls that have accompanied us through our happy childhood.
-Now, our youth is back! Play an arcade with an external rocker! And with the advent of the Internet age, arcade games can be played online nationwide.
- It seems to be in the game hall to play King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Three Kingdoms, and other games!...
-Working voltage: DC 5V
-Product material: ABS + hardware board
-Product size: 212 * 134 * 54mm
-Wire length: 2.4 meters

What's in the box
-1x 7-in-1 Arcade Fighting Stick

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